Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Alan Lake previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.

Alan Lake Factori(e)


Creation Laboratory


May 28 to June 1 and June 4 to June 8 | 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  


June 9 - Rehearsal and Closing Presentation

Place: May 28th to 1st june: TBC

           June 4th to June 8th: Édifice Wilder | École de danse contemporaine de Montréal

                                                 Studio : TBC

Rate:  DAC pro - $359 | Visiting pro - $407 | Standard - $478 (taxes not incl.)

*Do not register for this laboratory if you cannot attend the entirety of the above

mentioned schedule.

Creation laboratory description:

During this creation lab, Alan Lake Factori(e) will share the fundamentals of his multidisciplinary approach to dance. He will invite artists to dive into the heart of the creative process of his latest work, Le cri des méduses, a symbolist work which proposes a drifting vision of humanity. Inspired by Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa, and the state of emergency experienced by the shipwrecked in this famous painting, this great image unfolds in a invented place and propels us into a terrifying dream. A physical dance, skin-deep as a pagan ritual.

The dancers will familiarize themselves with the choreographic language of the company by using excerpts from it’s repertoire as points of inspiration for creation. Alternating between solo, duet, and group work, they will subsequently explore and appropriate movement wherein the body is directly influenced by both its own internal climate and its surrounding environment.


A choreographer, dancer, director and visual artist, Alan Lake combines his multiple passions and talents in works he has been creating since 2003 in the Alan Lake factori(e) research lab he founded in Quebec City. Themes of landscape, the recurring cycles of life and the polarity of reality underscore his work. His virtuoso movement is driven at times by impulses of memory, at times by resistance to that very impulse. it was while researching objects and organic imagery that the visual artist Alan Lake discovered dance. Before he had even completed his studies at the École de danse de Québec, he had presented multidisciplinary pieces based on movement. His seventh choreography Ravages includes a film, as did Chaudières, déplacements et paysages (2009) and Là-bas, le lointain (2012). recognized as one of the most talented emerging artists in Quebec City, he received the people’s choice award at Vidéastes Recherché•es for 9 minutes, 2 Fois (2004).

Alan Lake Factori(e):


Alan Lake Factori(e) is a multidisciplinary contemporary dance company created and promoted in 2007 by choreographer and director Alan Lake. Lake has developed an approach that combines dance, film and visual arts. This crossover directly contributes to defining the company’s unique language, creating crude and symbolist universes in which the human evolves totally impregnated by its environment. Alan Lake Factori(e) is entirely dedicated to the creation and distribution of choreographic works, installa-tions and dance films that showcase this interconnection between the moving body, the space it occupies, and the cycle of life and death that underlies them. The company is also dedicated to promoting contemporary dance and choreographic research through performances, workshops, workshops, conferences and other related activities.

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