Dual Consciousness | Creation laboratory

May 29 to June 2 and June 5 to 9 | 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Place : 1435 rue Bleury | Édifice Wilder: Espace danse*to be confirmed

Studio: École de danse contemporaine de Montréal*to be confirmed

DAC pro members : $287.02 + taxes = $330

RQD and visiting professionals : $358.77 + taxes = $412.50

Standard cost : $478.36 + taxes = $550

Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Alexandra's previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.

Laboratory and creative process description

During this creation laboratory, I will attempt to bring the dancers into a world, both strange and familiar, where they will discover various facets of my choreographic language.  At the heart of the process is how the individual artists perceive the experience. They will be invited to improvise (Freestyle) while following directives, sometimes explicit sometimes abstract, which allows for the choreographic form to take shape.  To do so, I will use three techniques:


•        Hit-Release


It’s the idea that each action triggers a reaction.  The essence of the language is based on authentic action which is executed in a natural way.  The action (the “hit”) is the clear intention, for instance a step forward or a rotation of the shoulder which causes a natural reaction (the “release”) in the involved body part; in other words, the unforced release of the muscle under tension. In my opinion, the Hip Hop feeling happens between two actions; the reaction is the element that must not be overlooked.

•        Elongation


One of the distinctive features of my choreographic signature is the elongation of the executed movements.  The movements are elongated and stretched to the maximum, depending on the music or the intention, and the action is continued until the next action.  I invite the dancer to go to the very limit of the movement without sacrificing any of it; this way we remain in the present moment and we live each of these moments in their entirety, without concern for appearances.

•        Grounding


The “grounding” aims to facilitate rapid movements.  By directing the intention of the movement towards the ground without totally transferring the weight onto the feet, it allows an impression of lightness which enriches the movement.  Being grounded is essential to the meaning of this language. A series of exercises emphasizing this technique will be given throughout the laboratory.


We will  engage in improvisation sessions (danced, spoken or otherwise) allowing the dancer to use the most favorable means to support his or her intervention. In order to amplify the intensity of an improvisation I might give a few directives, such as not letting go in between interventions, or to continue speaking with the body without concern for what others might think. Enabling the creation of pertinent and authentic situations, these types of improvisation and exchange sessions will form an integral part of my creative process.






Alexandra “Spicey” Landé is an internationally renowned and respected choreographer, teacher and community leader who has been working actively in the Hip Hop scene for over twenty years. Currently with Ebnflōh, Spicey is immersed in the construction of a choreographic language which reflects her artistic vision whilst being surrounded with peers and colleagues who feed her creative process.


As founder of the acclaimed Festival Bust a Move, one of her main objectives has been to break down barriers and increase the visibility of street dancers in Montreal. Her passion for street dance began as a toddler in the 80’s and the close relationship she maintains with Hip Hop culture is evident in her choreographic work.  Her first creation Retrospek, co-produced by M.A.I. (Montreal Arts Interculturels), continues to serve as an inspiration to many street dance choreographers.


Selected as an emerging choreographer for the 2008 Vue sur la Relève, Spicey was awarded the Bourse Rideau which resulted in an eight show tour in Montreal and Ottawa.  In 2009, she created Renézance which was presented at Tangente in Montréal.  In 2011 she was invited, by the Cirque de Soleil, to be a street dance coach for the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour.  That same year she choreographed and performed in Radio-Canada’s television show Ils dansent with Nico Archambault.  In 2015 Spicey returned to the screen as a judge with the international dance competition Eurovision Young Dancer which aired on Czech TV.


With Complex R, Spicey entered a new stage in her creative and choreographic development. With careful reflexion and research she drew inspiration from the topic of human obsessions with physical appearance and social status. Complex R was presented in Montreal by M.A.I. and toured to the Yukon, New York, Toronto and Amsterdam along with being presented at Festival 100 Lux.

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