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Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Louise Bédard's previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.

Creation laboratory description:

Never precisely the same, choreographer Louise Bédard's creation process varies based upon parameters that are both vague and precise.


It is with the participants themselves, and their own capacity to embody movement, that existing material as well as others yet to be discovered, will be transmitted throughout the laboratory.


The participants will be entrusted with certain tasks and choreographic scores which will embrace movement as much as its relationship with voice, objects and space. This re-actualization of choreographic material with the adjunction of new ones will ensure deeper investigative possibilities in order to reveal their own coherencies.


Wonderful perspectives await the participants, compelling them to find multiple resonances within themselves in order to detect unsuspected qualities where attention to details, rather than globality, becomes an asset to help discover the extent of their artistic potential.


Louise Bédard has a passion for movement as well as for the fine thread where we find ourselves in a perpetual state of suspension and mooring.  Her contribution is one of a researcher drawing directly from the poetry of body language and environments often defined by various constraints.


The source of her creative momentum and energies is this exchange with the performers; one where a gesture settles in the dancers' bodies, or simply skims it. This gesture contributes in revealing the poetry of those beings, a poetry which dance puts forth with candor and without deflection.


It is for this reason that she alternates between group pieces and smaller cast pieces.  Her golden rule, even though she says she doesn't have one, is to have one on one moments with the dancers in order to search jointly how to be in the dance, along with everything this artform implies.  It is most likely this incessant quest to know who we are that motivates her to create year after year.


Louise Bédard through her company Louise Bédard Danse has created over forty choreographies.


In February 2020 she presents her latest creation Promesses at l'Agora de la danse, a work for six dancers.


Website : https://www.lbdanse.org/fr/accueil

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