Contemporary class

June 5 to 9 | 9:30am to 11:00am

Place: Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique |          

            1881, rue Saint-André | Espace Saint-André (ESA)

Studio: Studio A

Cost: $73.93 + ( 3.70 TPS + 7.37 TVQ) = $85

Class Description

Contemporary class

In this technique class, I aspire to awaken the body in order to bring it into an efficient and sensitive coordination so that it is ready to enter creation. From the contact of the ground to the deployment in space, from the deployment in space towards the return to the ground, I try to make the body move from its center of gravity. I want to activate the body and the senses by linking them with space, time and other dancers. I combine the use of weight while playing with different oppositions and tensions that are present in the body: how much effort do we actually need to erect and inscribe a form?

My journey as an performer, Pilates teacher, and creator feeds my vision and approach to a training  based on anatomical exploration. Concretely, I approach the technical work by privileging simple exercises that move in space in the form of crossings. With specific exercises, I mobilize the muscle groups necessary to ensure strength and flexibility and meet the needs of dancers. (Proprioception, external rotators, reinforcement of the glutes, engagement of the shoulder girdle).




Caroline Laurin-Beaucage is fascinated by the human body which is the center of her choreographic research. Her work, marked by great physicality, seeks to free the body from its social codes, to constrain it in multiple ways in order to get closer to the visceral energy, the animality and the vulnerability of beings . Active for seventeen years in the Montreal scene, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage is a choreographer, performer and teacher. She has worked as a performer with Ginette Laurin (O Vertigo), Jacques Poulin-Denis, Paul-André Fortier and Jean-Pierre Perrault. Simultaneously, she began her own choreographic research in 2001. Her choreographic work was presented at Tangente, Agora de la danse, OFFTA, Festival TransAmériques and Festival des Arts de St-Sauveur as well as France, Hungary and Germany. In 2015, she teamed up with the Montreal Danse company to create the piece Matière Blanche and for her future creation Si mon corps était une saison, planned for 2018. Since 2005, she is a professor in contemporary dance technique at Concordia University. Caroline Laurin-Beaucage is an artist member and founder of LORGANISME, a Montreal group of contemporary dance artists. She has been directing it alongside Catherine Gaudet for six years now.

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