No Guilt in Pleasure | Laboratory

June 5 to 9 | 11:30am to 1:30pm

Place: 1881, rue Saint-André | Espace Saint-André (ESA)

Studio: Studio A

DAC pro member : $57.40 + taxes = $66

RQD and visiting professionals : $71.75 + taxes = $83

Standard cost : $95.67 + taxes = $110

Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Gerard Reyes' previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this lab.

Laboratory Description

No Guilt In Pleasure

Life is the opportunity for pleasure but shame and guilt close us down. Voguing and stripping* can re-open us up. These two gendered dance techniques form the core of my solo The Principle of Pleasure. Through studying these dances I discovered non-normative ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, pleasure, and intimacy. In this 5-day laboratory I will guide you technically, imaginatively, and somatically through both dance styles. We will take on and discard various gendered behaviour in order to find and express untapped areas of our personalities. You will be encouraged to reach beyond your perceived physical and mental limits. Come with an open mind and leave with a freer body!

*here 'stripping' is intended to mean the dance form, rather than the act of getting naked




Gerard Reyes is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and video artist living and working between Montreal and Berlin. He studied vogue in New York with a number of legendary voguers including Javier Ninja (FKA Twigs; Madonna Superbowl), Danielle Polanco (Beyoncé), Jose Xtravaganza (“Paris Is Burning”; Madonna “Vogue”; "Blonde Ambition”), Amazon Leiomy (Balmain X H&M fashion show), Archie Burnett (”Check Your Body At The Door”) and Alex Mugler (Rihanna “ANTI”). Gerard has taught voguing workshops in North America and Europe, teaches regularly at studios around Montreal and at Flying Steps Academy Berlin.     


As a dancer Gerard has worked with many internationally renowned choreographers including  Benoît Lachambre, Bill T. Jones, Jérôme Bel and Luther Brown. From 2006-13 he was a member of the Compagnie Marie Chouinard and in 2009 he received a Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television for Best Performance in Chouinard’s film bODY_rEMIX.   

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Date: June 4th (7:00pm)

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