Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Louis-Martin Charest's previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.


LIBERAMÆ Performance and Film

Creation and Video Dance laboratory

May 29 to June 2 | 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Place : 1435 rue Bleury | Édifice Wilder: Espace danse  

Studio: École de danse contemporaine de Montréal

DAC pro members : $130.46 + taxes = $150

RQD or visiting professionals : $163.08 + taxes = $188

Standard cost : $217.44 + taxes = $250

*Eligible for the RQD training support reimbursement program

Laboratory Description

Creation and Video Dance laboratory

This creation and video dance laboratory aims to allow participants to experience the choreographic creation, research and filming of a short film. Artists will be introduced to filming techniques so that this knowledge and behaviors can be digested allowing the artist to maximize the impact of his/her expression.  


Video dance is a creative art form that differs widely from that of the stage both in proximity with the subjects and the multiple variants of perspective. The choreographer/director envisions a group work which will be filmed exploring various and iconic parts of Montreal. What better way to discover our host city, the lungs of the Canadian dance scene.



Creative Process Description

     A. Research (the dancer, the space, the camera)

Each day will begin with a short session of technical dance exercises with the camera; games and movement in space, danced for the camera.

Example : The lens focus effects on space, perception of movement in relation to the proximity of the subject and the camera. In studio and with the help of a giant screen, the participants will study the results of these exercises.


     B. Creation

Each session will involve a substantial period of choreographic creation. Using an improvisation method which relies on emotions and is led by Louis-Martin, material will be created which could be used for filming.


   C. Filming

The remaining 2 days will be dedicated to filming in the designated locations. Come hell or highwater, we will be filming whatever happens! This is a call for warriors!





Film director, choreographer, editor and dancer Louis-Martin Charest is co-artistic director of LIBERAMÆ performances & films: a dance and film company. Their works include three full evening shows: Liberamæ (2005), Blanche (2008) and My Last Recital (2010), and four short films: Berth (2011), ONDEK (2013), To Build a Home (2014), and The Paper Doll House (2017). Trained in classical ballet, Louis-Martin is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School. He first danced for Ottawa Ballet, the National Ballet of Portugal, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. Before founding LIBERAMÆ in 2005, he had already choreographed over 30 works for such companies as BJM Danse, Ottawa Ballet, Ballet Jorgen, Bouchardanse, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and the National Ballet of Canada’s choreographic workshops. Alongside his dance involvement, for the last fifteen years he has directed promotional materials (Kidd Pivot/Crystal Pite) and edited for television (Discovery Channel/Chasing Monsters). He has taken part in numerous peer committees for the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Louis-Martin also teaches ballet as well as improvisation workshops called Presence & Interpretation for Performers.

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