Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Mathieu Leroux + Robin Pineda Gould's lab. The work belongs to Gaspar Noé and the producers of the CLIMAX film

Mathieu Leroux + Robin Pineda Gould

Multi-Disciplinary Laboratory - Dance, Dramaturgy and Film


 June 3 to 7 | 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  

June 8 - Presentation

Place: Édifice Wilder | École de danse contemporaine de Montréal

Studio : TBC

Rate : DAC pro - $147 | Visiting pro - $167 | Standard - $196 (taxes not included)

*Do not register for this laboratory if you cannot attend the entirely of the above mentioned schedule.

CLIMAX REMIX : Laboratory description | dance, dramaturgy and film:

CLIMAX, as in the end of a progression, the highest point coming before the fall.

CLIMAX, as in the ecstasy felt before/at the center of a demanding performance, when senses are saturated.

CLIMAX, as in the exciting/hard hitting new film by Gaspar Noé.


In the context of a multidisciplinary laboratory focused on choreography and dramaturgy, Noé’s film is exemplary in that it is created specifically for the dancers within it. The utilisation of space, the mise en scéne and the camera movements are all thought out in relation to the bodies performing in the space, and the gestures these bodies generates. The abundant use of long takes in the film leave space for the elaboration of archetypes, as well as requesting rich dramaturgical work. On this topic, the first scene of the film - a continuous sequence that goes over 5 mins - is a substantial challenge about choreographic writing, group dynamics, and the overall sense of performance. It is this sequence which constitutes the heart of this laboratory.


The goal of our REMIX is not to recreate the exact intro of Noé’s film but rather to use it greatly as a source of inspiration for the choreographic construction of that which will be shot on film. Through a series of ‘nods’ the the original sequence (the “clubby” vibe, the 90’s esthetique, a remake of the incomparable Cerrone track that is used), we will dive head first in the notions of writing, layout, interpretation, partnering (with other artists and with the camera), major/minor within a group dynamic - all essential dramaturgical elements. We are not expecting the participants to be professional voguers, breakers or waackers ; if you are one, wonderful! What interests us is to work with a diversity of bodies and practice, and to create with the strengths/talents/tricks that are available in the room during that week (regardless if you are contemporary dancers, ballet dancers, street dancers, krumpers or ribbon dancers).


This laboratory is for dancers as well as performing artists who are drawn to dance and who have a solid physical practice (mime, acrobatics, contortion, etc.). Participating artists should be comfortable with generating ideas quickly, as well as having an excellent autonomy and a desire to create with a group,  in a pleasurable and challenging context.


The lab will be held in both English and French - you only need to speak one of those languages.

Come join the party.


*Please note that your presence for all 5 scheduled days is essential.


*Please also note that participants who register for 2 weeks will have the opportunity for a deeper exploration of the work, as we will create a second sequence to the Noé film (which takes part later in the film). This sequence, also a long shot, uses the space in a radically different way than the first one, and explores a whole other dynamic to the group and the camera. Energy wise, this second scene is more “charged up” and allows deeper diving in the theatricality of the work.


Mathieu Leroux:

Writer, theatre director, actor, and dramaturge, Mathieu Leroux is a graduate of L'École Supérieure de théâtre of UQAM (performance profile). He co-founded two theatre companies (Putto Machine and Les Néos) and toured as a puppeteer with Théâtre Sans Fil for 7 years; he wrote and performed close to a 100 short plays with Les Néos while also being artistic director of this theatre collective. He created the solo work, La naissance de Superman, in 2009; his play, Scrap, ended the season at Espace Libre in 2012. In spring 2013, Mathieu was part of the impressive cast of Les Atrides, after co-signing the adaptation of the six-part family saga with director Louis-Karl Tremblay. His recent co-adaptation of Elfriede Jelinek’s Shadow: Eurydice says just closed the season at Théâtre Prospero, and he just wrapped up Twist, a dance piece for 20 dancers at tanzmainz (Staatstheater, Mainz, Germany) where he was acting as dramaturge. Next season, he is performing in Michelle Parent’s Le sixième sens at Fred-Barry, as well as dancing in Bones & Wires at Tangente with co-creator Sébastien Provencher. Dramaturgically, he has been a close collaborator of Victor Quijada, Helen Simard, Alexandra Spicey Landé, Catherine Gaudet and Alexandre Morin.

Mathieu Leroux earned his master’s degree in French literature at l'Université de Montréal (2011). His first novel, Dans la cage, was published to rave reviews by Héliotrope, and his plays and reflection on performing the self, Quelque chose en moi choisit le coup de poing, is published by La Mèche. He is the literary editor of the theatre collection at L’instant même.

Robin Pineda Gould:


Robin Pineda Gould is a Montreal-based filmmaker and composer. He works extensively in contemporary dance, and has collaborated with a large number of choreographers and dancers.  His work often explores the individual’s ability to enact different forms of presence and the effect of “visual-time” on the human body. His moving images work has been showcased in venues such as the Canadian Center for Architecture and Montreal’s Place des Arts. He believes that artistic collaboration is a form of survival.

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