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Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Luke Murphy's previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this workshop.

Workshop description:

Moving Wild

Moving for purpose, moving for function, moving for desire, moving for survival. In this workshop we will first build tools to access the widest sphere of our physical reach in space and apply them to various purposes. Does movement change with purpose or is it just our experience that changes? Harnessing the potential inside forces of gravity, coil, momentum and drifting we will find efficiency of effort in our muscularity and build complex sequences to trick our balance and disorientate our expectations. After establishing our broadest physical availability we will challenge ourselves to apply our skills both new and old in unfamiliar physical, emotional and psychological directions. Using adaptations of Stanislavski systems to confront physical and emotional states we will examine the relationship between movement, purpose and meaning for both the performer and audience. 

Embracing the creative process as a chaotic, vulnerable, fragile, violent, exciting, intimate and volatile experience over the course of the workshop we will interrogate the fundamental conflicts of the theatre space:


  • Friction between the performer and the content.

  • Contradiction between the awareness of moving in space and the internalization needed to realise a character. 

  • Conflict of sound, action and imagery. 

  • Hostility between the controlled atmosphere of the theatre and the unbridled chaos of human nature.   


The outcome might not be the objective but where we look at conflict we might find resolution.


​Originally from Cork City, Luke is a performer and choreographer based between Cork, New York and Brussels. 


Luke has danced with Ultima Vez from 2014-2018 touring internationally in productions of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting, Booty Looting and Spiritual Unity and Punchdrunk since 2009, performing leading roles in the original casts of Sleep No More in Shanghai (‘16-‘18), New York City (’11-‘15) as well as in productions The Drowned Man in London and Sleep No More in Boston. In addition he has danced in the companies of Martha Clarke, Kate Weare and Pavel Zustiak, and in projects with Ben Duke, John Kelly, John Scott, Luca Silvestrini, Jonah Bokaer and Bill T Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Company.


Luke’s own work has been supported by various commissions, awards and residencies internationally including Arts Council of Ireland, Cork City Council, CultureIreland, New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project, Kaatsbaan International Dance Centre, Pavilion Theatre, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Irish Arts Centre, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, DanceLimerick, DanceBase Edinburgh, Tribeca Performing Arts Centre, DanceNow Silo Kirkland Farm, Tanz Tendendz Munich, b12 Berlin and others. He has created and performed nine evening length works throughout Ireland, Germany, UK and USA (Drenched 2012, Icarus 2013, Your Own Man/Mad Notions 2015, On Triumph and Trauma 2016, The Dust We Raised 2017, ExCaelo 2018, The Milkyboy Kid 2018, Carnivore 2019, Villains 2019). Luke founded Attic Projects in 2014 as an umbrella for his various independent projects in dance, film and theatre. Luke is the producer and programming director of The Catch8 Workshop Series in Cork City and is currently working toward the opening of a new dance residency centre in County Cork. 


Luke trained at Point Park University where he earned his BFA in Dance and English in 2009 and University of Chichester where he earned an MA in Choreography in 2017.



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