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TransFormation Danse is a contemporary dance intensive for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The artists themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development. You can choose to take a single workshop, lab or class or you can benefit from a reduced rate by choosing a 1 or 2 week package.

Pre-registration begins February 5th (Open to DAC members and artist registering for a package)

General registrations begin February 12th




TransFormation Danse does not hold traditional auditions but we do require that artists have professional experience, have graduated or are currently enrolled in a recognized post secondary dance or circus training institution.




  1. Create an Amilia user account

  2. Visit the DAC Registration Portal, select TransFormation 2020 and select your workshop choices*

*If you wish to benefit from one of our rebates (DAC, Pro, EB, 1 or 2 week package) please follow the instructions under the rebates section below 


  • To complete the registration process, participants must submit the following registration fees: $20 administration fee and a deposit equal to 30% of their total workshop balance. In the case of cancellation, the registration fee (30% deposit and administrative fee) is non-refundable.


*Accepted methods of payment are by credit card or electronic cheque only

OPTION 1 - Full payment

​OPTION 2 - Three instalments

  • First instalment (30% + administration fee) due upon registration

  • Second instalment (35%): April 13th, 2019

  • Final instalment (35%): May 11th, 2019



1. DAC Members Rebate (30%)

  • Have a valid  DAC membership. (the DAC member the rebate will be automatically applied in Amilia)

2. Visiting Professional Rebate (20%)

  • You must be a RQD member or CADA member

  • or have completed a minimum of 150 hrs OR 6 weeks of paid work within the past 6 months. You must provide at least one document that demonstrate this prerequisite (ex.: CV, contract(s), letter(s) of employment, etc.).

​*Email a request for this rebate along with supporting document(s), to and wait for confirmation before completing your checkout


3. One or Two Week Package Rebate (additional 15% to 20%)

  • 1 week package = full mornings + afternoons for 1 week

  • 2 week package = full mornings + afternoons for 2 weeks

*Email a request for this rebate indicating your workshop choices to and wait for confirmation before completing your checkout

4. Emploi Québec (EQ) - applicable to Christopher Roman's workshop only

*Email a request to for access to the EQ rate and wait for confirmation before completing your checkout


*You are responsible for making your own schedule and for choosing classes that do not conflict with each others schedules. Please refer to the schedule.*



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