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Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into Heidi Strauss' previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.

Creation laboratory description:

Drawing on research for a work currently in development, this lab will explore the multi-dimensionality of the body by playing with different physical extremes and degrees of responsiveness. Using interactive structures as well as improvised group practice we will activate an acute sense of physical listening.  This listening is as much about being sensitive to ourselves in the moment, as it is to the people dance with. Endeavouring to do this removes what can become presentational. We will work without a front, in full 360, where every movement and choice is exposed. In creating, my interest is in connection: connection with ourselves, the relationships we have with each other, with our environment, and the consideration for people looking on. 


Heidi Strauss makes work as a way to examine human behavior from different perspectives.  In her work, relationships form a basis to consider our current social and environmental moment.  She often shifts the physical perspective of the audience, creating work for the theatre, outdoors, and site-specifically, as well as for digital platforms. 


Heidi is the artistic director of adelheid, and a multi-Dora Award winning choreographer for her works ‘this time’ and ‘what it’s like’.  She has been a resident artist at the Factory Theatre, The Theatre Centre and Harbourfront Centre. Her film collaborations have been screened at dança em foco (Rio de Janiero), nu2’s IDN festival (Barcelona) and d:mic (Toronto).  She has been commissioned by/choreographed for Toronto Dance Theatre, Mocean Dance, The Frankfurt Opera, The Canadian Opera Company, Volcano Theatre, and the Stratford Festival.  Heidi also initiates programs for other artists - currently including adelheid’s re:research, (for emerging dance creators) and Cohort (for performance makers integrating digital technologies into creation).  Heidi is a recipient of the KM Hunter Award for Dance.

Website : www.adelheid.ca

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