Transformation 2019 has been an incredible week full of inspiration with exceptional, mindful, intelligent, warm, curious artists I really wish to meet again.

Vera Kvarcakova, Czech Republic

TransFormation for me was a place that taught me how to embrace my vulnerability and dance it with others, I found myself in an atmosphere where unlearning is also part of growing.

Paco Ziel, Mexico

TransFormation was a springboard for my career in Montreal, it helped me to create connections from everywhere, to get involved in my community and even provided work opportunities. I feel so lucky to have this dance platform in my city that helped me grow as an artist.

Jessie Susan Lhôte, France

Transformation has allowed me to dive into the rich and inspiring practices of many influential dance artists on the international and national scene. The diversity and generosity of everyone involved in the program makes it a goldmine of learning and exchange. It was an essential part of my artistic growth and I would recommend Transformation to anyone looking to deepen and be challenged in their practice.

Charlie Prince, Lebanon

To share space with passionate movers and explore our curiosities through the perspectives of other artists at TF has been such a surreal experience.

Raechelle Manalo, New York

I had the pleasure of attending TransFormation’s Gaga workshop with Shamel Pitts. As a professional dancer with Ballet BC, I was looking for something that would challenge me and help me grow as an artist. I loved the environment that TransFormation offers. I felt supported to jump into new ideas, free from any judgement or expectations. This made me work in a healthy way and I was able to feel a deeper connection with the work and my body.

Rachael Prince, Vancouver, Canada

TransFormation Danse gave me a platform from which to grow and connect with like-minded artists, all while maintaining a safe and open atmosphere for me to dance freely and be myself! The encouragement and support from resident and visiting choreographers helped push me out of my comfort zone and I can definitely say, improved my technique, stamina and creativity. I came away with an invigorated passion and deepened respect for the art of dance.

Susannah Haight, Montreal, Canada

Transformation is one of my favourite Canadian summer programs. The two summers that I attended immensely enriched my practice with new skills, experiences, and friends.

Lukas Malkowski, Toronto, Canada

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