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Please note that the video and photographic materials are for insight into David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri's previous works and do not demonstrate what will be explored in this creation laboratory.

Creation laboratory description:

This lab is a platform for experimentation, discovery, and reaction. By practicing these, we will build something meaningful out of nothing. We will harness simplicity and clarity while working towards an efficient and comprehensive approach to creation. Directed tasks, structured improvisations, and state-based propositions will inform your experience. We will teach material and build specific ideas with you, a process to which you will actively contribute. We encourage you to view this time together as an opportunity to embrace our vision and our methods from the viewpoint of a collaborator. We will generate, you will generate, and we’ll dig together, embracing and using our faults, secrets, and strengths as allies in creation. For those looking to immerse themselves in a voice, there is a place for you here. For those who are looking to channel and develop their own voice, there is a place for you here as well.


Creative Process Description

Working as a pair provides us with the unique opportunity to develop the choreographic direction from two different yet complementary artistic perspectives. Genuine human connection, affectivity, and interdependence are recurring themes in our highly physical work. The cerebral and visceral are inextricably linked, pushing us to create physically driven work that explores a deeper perception and embodiment of the performer’s humanity. Our collaborators are encouraged to define what this means for them at all times. Our work ultimately stems from a place of deep sensitivity and wonder, a place into which we want to invite our collaborators and our audience, to allow them to deepen parts of themselves through genuine, unabashed self-reflection.


David Albert-Toth is a dancer, choreographer, composer, and co-artistic director of Parts+Labour_Danse. A disposition towards eclectic artistic encounters has led David to perform throughout North America and Europe. Notable collaborations include work with Frédérick Gravel, Human Playground, Lemieux.Pilon 4D-Art and Peter Trosztmer, Emmanuelle Calvé, and Compagnie Destins Croisés. He has contributed to interdisciplinary works by CHA Collective, Thibaut Duverneix, Dominique Porte, Julie Favreau, Moment Factory, and Danse Danse (with Emily Gualtieri) in collaboration with the work of Olafur Eliasson and the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. He began a choreographic partnership with Emily Gualtieri in 2011, founding Parts+Labour_Danse. Their works include In Mixed Company (2013, Prix Coup de pouce, Vue sur la relève 2015), La chute (2013, Top Ten 2013 – Dance Current, Audience Choice Award, dance:made in canada festival 2015), and La vie attend (2017), co-produced by Danse-Cité and presented at La Chapelle. Parts+Labour_Danse is currently involved in several new creations that will premiere in the near future.


Emily Gualtieri is a Dora Award-nominated choreographer and dance artist working in both Montreal and Toronto. Since 2007, her interest in creation and craft has driven her to continually produce and tour new works every season. After several years spent choreographing independently, Emily began a creative partnership with David Albert-Toth, founding Parts+Labour_Danse in 2011. Their 2013 works In Mixed Company and La chute have won various awards. Emily and David’s works have been presented nationally in festivals such as Dance: Made in Canada, Guelph Dance, Expanse Festival, Quartiers Danses, POP Montreal, VSLR, Dance Matters, and St. John Contemporary Dance Festival. Emily has participated in and led artist residencies in Montreal, Toronto, Banff, Halifax, Massachusetts, and Berlin. Emily created À la prochaine (2013), performed by Ginelle Chagnon and commissioned by Older & Reckless, Re:Pairing (2015), a DanceWorks CoWorks production, and Stealing Fire (2016) a commission for Mocean Dance. Emily recently premiered La vie attend (2017) with Parts+Labour_Danse, co-produced by Danse-Cité and presented at La Chapelle, and is currently working on several new creations as a choreographer and dramaturge.



Website :  https://www.pldanse.com/

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